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Signatures for Respect for Heroes

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1 AndrewBrooks Repatriation should not be a back door route.
2 NicolaSopp please let the public continue in their support of our fallen troops and their families.
3 ShonaCobb Its completely wrong that our fallen troops are leaving via a back gate.
4 LyndaHuard  
5 PeterDavies  
6 NicolaKerridge they came through the front gate they have to out of respect & dignity leave through the front gate
7 DaveKerridge Respect has to be shown and given
8 ChristopherKilby The route should be changed!!!!
9 StephenQuinn  
10 SarahButt  
11 MarkBrooks  
12 KimYoung  
13 katbrooks  
14 angelinahutchings let us pay our respects
15 DianePratt They gave their life for our country let them leave by the front gate.
16 JamesGray  
17 FrancescaOckwell  
18 PaulaLeason Our boys never left this country alone, fought alone or fell alone... why should they come home alone? Show our boys the respect they deserve or stop sending them out there.
19 AnthonyBeardsley  
20 nataliedyer  
21 MikeSteers Our service men and women deserve our respect and we need to show our support.
22 HelenHoward Let them come home through the front gate!
23 SidCooper Why do we always continue to try and short change our forces.
24 AmyEdwards  
25 FrederickJessney  
26 LouiseHarris  
27 CarolRampling  
28 carlpetty  
29 AlexHumphries  
30 juliankeen plese can you help s with this okay
31 DavidL The soldiers that fight for our peace and freedom deserve more respect and recognisation.
32 RobertHughes These people surely to God deserve better. I hope they will never come through Brize Norton but if they do, through the front gate!
33 stewartwilson  
34 PhilipMoore  
35 SusanLowe Our troops fly out of Brize Norton but they expect people to pay their respects in dangerous locations rather than leaving via the back gates along milestone road and back down alvescot road where people can safely pay their respets
36 JohnSchmeltzer  
37 DebbieBradford  
38 JackieHarrison we should be proud of our service men and women and honour them in the right way
39 SusanKilby  
40 paulsquire please show some more respect for our fallen comrades and let them come out the front gate and not out through some "hidden" back gate
41 SteveMcQuillan  
42 MarkO'Halloran Front Gate with a guard of honour to salute their memory.
43 AndrewMorgan Front line to front gate, anything else is disrespectful!
44 clairehemsley  
45 shanehemsley  
46 TaniaWhite leave by the back gate is saying that its a shame and secret.... they entered the front gates of RAF Brize Norton ALLOW THEM TO LEAVE BY THE FRONT GATE !!! From a mother of a serving solider in Afganistan..
47 kevnewton  
48 RobinBrooks They arrived through the front gate so they should leave through the front gate
49 kimreynolds  
50 SianBastable Please change the route so that everyone can pay their respects! These people deserve maximum respect!