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101 GinWalker All the people involved in this decision should be utterly ashamed of themselves!!! YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE ROUTE FRO OUR HEROES
102 annapryde-venables  
103 karenelson  
104 KeithBassett  
106 AngelaBassett  
107 susanhalls Give our fallen heroes the respect they deserve.
108 JackieOliver Allow the dignity of Royal Wooton Bassett to continue in Carterton, by allowing the hearses to drive through the town.
109 SheilaClements I don't want to be known as coming from the town that doesn't care! Please give some respect to these people who have given their lives!
110 KarenMoore DISGUSTED
111 AnthonyRigby As a serving member of the RAF, i am disgusted by this decision and feel that all of our boys and girls deserve the up most respect for giving their lives for this country and your freedom
112 KarrenPinn  
113 stevepymn the repatriation is Britains chance to show our regret &respect without impinging on the family's arrangements. Whoever thought this one up should hang their head in shame & apologise to the servicemen/women, their familes & all right minded Britons.
115 ChristopherHolmes I am the administrator of the Facebook page titled PROUD TO HAVE SERVED IN THE ROYAL AIR FORCE. Suggest that you look at the thread that I started today, 27th June about this subject and read the responses.
116 MartinRobertson So disrespectful of a pen pusher. Families appreciate the sentiment that is given to the fallen by those who line the streets.
118 MickGoater Change this stupid idea. Are you sure this is not political as so close to Mr Cameronís Witney constituency?
119 AlanAkeister Dont hide our heroes, it does you and the country great disservice Cameron!
120 JamesCotgrave I would like to know who the persons responsible for this disgraceful decision are. Whoever they are they need to rescind this decision and then resign so that more competent, humane staff take over.
121 DavidHardy Is there no end to their stupidity and ignorance these so called educated MP's!!! :0(
122 JohnSouthey Please, please don't do this - Please use the town centre route and use it with dignity.
123 ianbell  
124 SylviaWalker How utterly disrespectful. These poor servicemen and women deserve the honour they get on repatriation, how dare it be kept low key and through the back door!
125 SteveWeston This wrong so wrong on many levels.
126 MartinTangen I think this is a very poor show. It allows the nation, and the relatives to show honour and respect for those who have given their lives in service of this country. HM government should pay for each and every parade and funeral with full honours!
127 JohnRose The Front Gate is the only route permitted for ALL who serve and have served our Country. NO Back door exits for those who have served our Country with honour and pride and given their lives.
128 tomcornwall they should be given the respect they deserve, while taking their final journey
129 HBackus An utter disgrace, is it out of sight out of mind Mr Cameron? Government repeatedly says they value the ultimate sacrifice our troops make, mere words Mr C mere meaningless words.
130 GrahamMoses I so agree
131 JonathanMiles Utterly shameful.
132 NeilCross It's about time this government stopped being a bunch of self centered idiots and listened to the public. Blair and Brown didn't listen. See how popular they are now!
133 SteveRoney This is absolutely disgraceful.
134 GrahamPhillips This is a disgraceful decision! Afford our troops the respect and dignity they justifiably deserve!
135 HeatherGoodwin Bloody DISGRACE!!!!!
136 NormanMacintosh I totally support the decision to petition the Government to reverse this appaling decision. Respect our heroes please.
137 karenFlynn not to upset the public.....? its so the Government can hide it.... disgraceful.....in april when two rich toffs got married didn t see them get pushed down side streets!
138 rosalindCowie  
139 ChristopherSutcliffe So much for respecting the Armed Forces, Cameron you are a disgrace.
140 LizHorner As an ex-member if the RAF and a patriotic Englishwoman I am disgusted that our heroes are being treated this way.
141 MikeGardner  
142 StevenPowell Think respect not hide
143 ianMcCulloch They deserve so much better than this. A full cortege through the centre of Caterton for every repatriation.
144 BriCrompton You swear an 'Oath of Allegiance' to serve Queen and Country. What does the government wish to do to OUR fallen heroes? Forget them. If that is right, then why do we still respect OUR fallen from the world wars of past? Exactly, NO excuse....NEVER forget.
145 SueJones Our fallen heroes deserve our thanks and respect for paying the ultimate sacrifice. The route should be from the main gates and not down back streets. I hope common sense will prevail!
146 AngelaTurrell  
147 juliegriffith i agree they all deserve to be shown our respect and support
148 JonathanVarley  
149 johnclarke they'll never walk alone!!!
150 DebbieEvans