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51 AudreyWebb I think it is disgusting to bring fallen troups in through the 'Back Door' Carterton main street should be used. The market should never have been located in the middle of the road anyway it makes the whole town center look shabby.
52 LesleyWebber  
53 DavidSchmeltzer  
54 grahamcoats  
55 RodMatheson If they are good enough to enter Brize Norton by the main gate, then when they come back in a coffin, they are MORE than good enough, to exit via the same gate, rather than be shuffled out of a side gate, almost by way of embarrassment it seems.
56 DavidWingate  
57 LVincent  
58 VeronicaKenny  
59 chrisgibbs this route is stupid as there is nowhere from the family or anybody else to park and pay there respects to uor troops
60 MarianHockaday Shame on us all if we allow our fallen not to be given every bit of respect that they truly deserve. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!
61 caroleridley Our Nations HEROES should not be going out of any back door !!! GIVE THEM THE RESPECT THAT THEY HAVE EARNED UNLIKE YOU COUNCILORS AND GOVERNMENT !!!
63 larrymann  
64 LesleyWood  
65 PeterWillaims If we do nothing our fallen Heroes will be treated like the 2 Heroes murdered by sinn fein/ira last year. The government want to treat our fallen Heroes like they do our injured, they want no mention made.
66 carolinebrammeld  
67 chrisparratt  
68 MaryEdnie Give the Hero's the respect that they deserve.
69 kerrylambert  
70 samanthakemp Please let the soldiers have the respect that they deserve-by allowing the people of Carterton to give it.
71 SarahBrierley  
72 delormrod  
73 tracytapper i think it is utterly disgusting that our government is pushing our troops repatriations through the back door. They deserve our upmost respect for giving their lives for our country, not the contempt the government is thrusting upon them .
74 J. ElizabethGodwin Mr Cameron this is in your backyard.. DO SOMETHING, let our departed lads come home through BZN's main gate the same gate that took them to their heroic deaths
75 michellewhitelock they deserve better than to be brought in through the back door
76 KateKeane We need to show respect to our fallen troops and to this end the Government has to re-think its plan. Our troops deserve to be treated decently and fairly after making the ultimate sacrifice for our continued freedom.
77 eileenwalton my god what a country we send our young men to die in a foreign land and then wont let people pay proper respect for them ! what a insult for there families to take them out a side gate this must be stopped
78 RichardClements This is just typical of our incompetent town council,It's making Carterton a National disgrace,added to the planning fiasco. The job is just to big for them to handle.
79 elainehyde  
80 LizLloyd-Clarke  
81 JoyFox Our fallen soldiers should be brought back through the town.
82 racheledwards why oh why do you have to change the way it's done... we should be proud of how much respect is shown by the general public.. would the routes from buckingham palace to westminister ever change
83 jaynearmitage  
84 TomBuckley  
85 LyndaMcBride Signed with pleasure. A total disgrace.
86 RobertPettifer  
87 CarolineHague  
88 CatherineWalter Oxfordshire CC, the Government and the likes of Joy Blake of the local British Legion do not speak for the "country". Our boys & girls being repatriated should be brought home in full view with public support, not "snuck out" the backgates!! HONOUR!!
89 ColinTaunton What happened to the old rule? If its not broken dont fix it! There is no need for change.
90 MicheleStott When will they ever learn!!!
91 DonAllen Leaving the country on deployment is by the front gate,and arriving home should be by the front gate,god bless them all!!
92 JamesConley I believe the actions taken is a real slap in the face to the people who wish to pay there respects to the fallen in the same manner as in WB. To divert from using the main gate to using a side gate is a disgustion insult.
93 CarolEvans The people of Carterton should be given the opportunity to pay their respects in the same way that Wootton Bassett was allowed to do. Speaking as a former market trader myself, I know the traders will want the repatriation to pass through Carterton.
94 susanfirth wootton bassett has shown that the british people very much wish to honour their fallen.please show respect and allow this sad tradition to continue with pride.
95 JaneJackson Full support
96 Norah-LynneShann An appalling treatment of our troops who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. I would urge the local council to reflect on their decision and also PM David Cameron to reconsider his decision to decline to make a comment!
97 HelenStory  
98 vickystapley  
99 sheilacarmichael Please allow our fallen Heros One ounce of dignity when they are repatriated.They die for their country and the least we can do is show our respect,love and gratitude to them
100 petergwynne this is not acceptable,these troops deserve dignity and respect